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2018 Recap

   David’s Gift had an exciting 2018!  The year started slow and a little discouraging, but it ended strong.  Our new website was launched in 2017, and in February 2018 we were able to see the full capabilities of the new fundraising feature.  This allows us to post each need on the website, as well as any information that the family wishes to share, and allows our donors to see how close we are to meeting each goal.  It also allows us to post multiple needs at one time, and to keep memorials open indefinitely.  This makes it much easier on me, as I no longer have to update the balance as donations come in.  This feature was my biggest dream when we were working to design the new site.  There are many other great features of this site that I have not yet taken full advantage of, and I hope to explore these features in the coming months.  Be looking for our Resources and Sponsors pages to be updated soon!

  In July we applied and were granted 501c3 status, which lets donors know that the IRS recognizes us as a non-profit organization.  This allowed us to be listed on GuideStar, which allowed us to begin using Facebook Fundraisers.  The addition of Facebook Fundraisers has been wonderful for us!  Many of you have chosen to raise money for David’s Gift for your birthday, and others have just created fundraiser links to share with your own customers through your business pages.  This feature has made raising funds so much quicker and easier for us.  Facebook has even made small donations on many of your birthday campaigns!  It is truly amazing to see how quickly we are able to raise needed funds now.  

   We will be exploring other fundraising options through Amazon Smile and Ebay, as well as other online retailers this year.  We are always grateful for fundraisers hosted by local businesses, home businesses, and our family and friends as well.  It is my hope to host large fundraisers once or twice a year, but we continue to face many obstacles in this.  It seems that more publicity about our organization leads to many families reaching out to us when in need, but we aren’t able to keep up with the demand.  This is really hard for me, because I want to be able to help everyone, and I don’t like to say “No.”  Fundraising and grant information are our biggest needs!  I appreciate any bit of advice regarding this!  

   Our donations for 2018 totaled $6305.60.  We spent $396.35 on bank service fees and postage.  We paid out $4557.99 for SEVEN (7) funeral services, ending our 6th year with our 68th service.  That left us with a balance that would prove to be very useful going into 2019, as we are closing out our 7th service of 2019 tomorrow.  It is truly a blessing to know that we are able to help these families during what is already such a hard moment.  Because of the generosity of our donors, these families are able to spend more time together while grieving, instead of trying to find a way to pay for a funeral or cremation.  Thank you all for your continued support of our mission!  This wouldn’t be possible without each of you donating, and sharing each need we post.  

   Thanks again for an amazing year!  I look forward to another great year in 2019!  

                                                                                                                Audrey McCormick, Founder