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About Us

Gabriel and Audrey McCormick began David’s Gift in 2012 in memory of their son David Miller McCormick, who experienced SIDS at just 3 days old.  David was born October 28, 2004 and passed away at home on October 31, 2004.  Friends and family of Gabriel and Audrey stepped up to help take care of the funeral expenses, because as young parents without health insurance or life insurance on David, they were unable to meet this unexpected financial obligation.  The McCormicks began to notice as other families found themselves in the same situation, and turned to fundraisers and special bank accounts to raise the money needed to bury their child.  As a mother, Audrey found this heartbreaking, and wanted to find a way to help other grieving parents to spend time together, mourning the loss of their child, and not having to worry with how they were going to pay for the funeral expenses.

In December of 2011, the accidental death of a local child urged the McCormicks to begin looking for a way to help families with this need.  At the encouragement of a few friends, David’s Gift was created in April of 2012.  In June of 2012 we were able to help our first family by paying for half of their son’s funeral expenses.  As of March 2017, David’s Gift has provided funds for 57 funerals.  We took a short break in 2016 and much of 2017, but we are excited to be stepping up once again to help families to pay for their child’s funeral expenses, so that they can spend more time comforting each other.

Thank you for your continued support of David’s Gift!  Without the help of our sponsors, donors, and prayer partners, we would not be able to reach out to these families in their greatest time of need.